Ausflug Klamm


There are a number of imposing gorges, gorges through which the water falls, roars and seethes:

Sigmund-Thun gorge

About 30 meters deep, the Kapruner Ache has been cut into the Sigmund-Thun gorge since the last Ice Age.1934 this natural jewel was elevated to a natural monument.

Liechtenstein Gorge

That could be your case too?
The mighty roar of the waterfall, the mossy stones in lush green, a legendary atmosphere.

In the heart of the Salzburger Land, you can get an idea of ​​yourself. There you will not only find a beautiful but also one of the deepest and longest gorges in the Alpine world.


The Vorderkaserklamm between St. Martin and Weißbach, which was declared a natural monument in 1977, was first made accessible to visitors in 1882. Today the gorge is 400 m long, 80 m deep, up to 6 m wide and 80 cm narrow at the bottom. A total of 51 footbridges and 35 steps with 373 steps were installed in the gorge.

Before you reach the entrance of the gorge, it goes through the natural recreation area with swimming ponds and barbecue areas in the “Schüttbachgraben”.
A-5092 St. Martin near Lofer
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May – October Emergence about 12,000 years ago, when the ice of the last ice age melted in the Alps. In 1831, lumberjacks erected a triftweg for the first time through the 600 m long and up to 50 m deep gorge. Duration of visit: approx. 1 hour, an ideal starting point for hikes!

What to take

Solid shoes, warm clothes, camera