Ice Caves

A wonder of nature. Discover the mightiest ice figures in the world in the giant halls of the Ice Giants’ World and your efforts at visiting the unique cave system will be well rewarded. They explore the ice palace, the castle of the ice giant, the veil of the Frozen queen with historic carbide lamps ….

excursion Description

After about 15 minutes walk you reach the cable car valley station, at 1,076 m altitude, where there is also a small rest house. With the cable car you will overcome about 500 meters and get to the mountain inn “Dr. Oedl Haus”. From there you can already see the cave portal, which can be reached in another 15 minutes walk.

In the cave there is a constant temperature of 0 ° Celsius, of course in the summer! Warm clothes and good shoes are recommended. A guided tour takes about 75 minutes, visiting about 1 km of this cave. It overcomes approximately 130 m difference in altitude.

What to take

Solid shoes, warm clothes, cameras are not allowed in the cave.